How expensive is it to maintain your own pool?

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How expensive is it to maintain your own pool?

Postby chem geek » Thu 29 Sep, 2011 21:09

I agree. For a commercial/public pool with high bather load, then showering before getting into the pool reduces chlorine consumption as well as the amount of disinfection by-products because in high bather load pools the bulk of chlorine usage is from the organics and ammonia in sweat and urine. However, in most residential pools, the bather load is very low so very little chlorine is used by that bather load. Most chlorine loss in residential pools comes from breakdown from sunlight.

Specifically, a rough rule of thumb is that every person-hour of swimming in a pool uses around 4 grams of chlorine (in Cl2 units) so roughly 1 fluid ounce of 12.5% chlorinating liquid. In 10,000 gallons, this is only 0.1 ppm Free Chlorine (FC). Saving 30% of this is a negligible amount compared to the 2-3 ppm FC that is usually lost from sunlight each day. Perhaps if you were to throw a pool party in a smaller pool then you would see the benefit from showering.

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How expensive is it to maintain your own pool?

Postby czechmate » Sat 01 Oct, 2011 09:44

Another way to reduce chlorine consumption along with other windfall benefits, is installing a shade sail.
This may sound a little over the top to many of you, as it did for me for a long time.
This year, the summer in Texas got little out of the ordinary and when water was getting to 92F, I realized I had to try something to remedy this.
Not only that the water was no longer refreshing to swim in, the sun was constantly on top of you and combination of sun exposure and warm temperature consumed chlorine quite more rapidly, increasing either CYA or CH.
I broke down and installed 18 x 18 green sun shade. (cost 70 bucks from Amazon).
It covered about 1/3 of the pool and the surrounding deck on the shallow side till 5 PM and water temperature went down to 88F.
I love this low cost "gadget" that made the exceptionally hot July and August very bearable for us again.
And I am sure it had to reflect some savings on the chlorine cost as well.
This type of screen is very durable an properly stored will last 5-7 years.
The chlorine savings will easily pay for it in 6 years, but the skin protection for you and small kids is priceless.
And of course, the rest of the pool remains available to the "sun lovers"!
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How expensive is it to maintain your own pool?

Postby poolfilters » Wed 23 May, 2012 02:43

I would like to recommend independent contractor for maintain your pool. They gave Great service and your pool is always looking good!
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How expensive is it to maintain your own pool?

Postby dalehileman » Wed 23 May, 2012 10:18

PF there’s a lot to be said for that approach, if you can afford it, if for no other reason than allaying anxiety about what’s going to happen next
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How expensive is it to maintain your own pool?

Postby BillD » Fri 25 May, 2012 09:14

I'm surprised by the high cost of maintenance some of you people are experiencing. My season is short, from mid May to mid September, but my annual costs are probably less than $70, including the liquid chlorine for closing the pool.

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