Pool filter loses prime when shut off

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Pool filter loses prime when shut off

Postby spanishpoolguy » Sat 18 Jun, 2011 13:23

Took off pump basket 'O' ring seal, cleaned it and applied a little bit of silicon grease to it. Similarly, did the same to filter top 'O' ring seal, replaced them both and hey presto! Pump stays primed!! :D I am fairly certain that the main culprit in this case was the filter top 'O' ring seal not sealing/seated properly, which was allowing air to be sucked into the system. I've learnt so much over the last couple of weeks, I'm considering becoming a pool maintenance guy full time!!


Pool filter loses prime when shut off

Postby johan » Tue 08 Nov, 2011 06:24

My problem as follow.
When the pump is running everything seems normal, no air boubles etc. When I switch the pump of I can see and hear a gulp of air coming from filter towards the pump and filling the Stainer bucket and resulting in the pump running dry when started agiain.
If I turn the direction valve to "bypass" in order to bypass the filter, the problem don't occur.
This tels me that air somehow acumulates in the filter and isforced back to the pump side.
What can cause this?
I replaced the filter lid seal, didn't make a difference.

Pool filter loses prime when shut off

Postby debrr1 » Thu 10 Nov, 2011 19:56

Can u please tell me what the water trick is with the hose and the shaving cream trick on fittings? Thank u!

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