Location of Polaris 360 back up valve

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Location of Polaris 360 back up valve

Postby tjm497 » Fri 01 Oct, 2010 20:12

Recently changed the feed hoses on my Polaris 360 pool cleaner. I disconnected all the hoses, and now I forget the exact location of where the Back Up Valve goes within the line. Is it right after the one foot hose near the Polaris or is it further back on the line?


Location of Polaris 360 back up valve

Postby dalehileman » Sun 03 Oct, 2010 10:52

I get the distinct impression from the lack of response to your query as well as to some of my own that few of us use the Polaris sweepers anymore. Distance with my 380 is 4 ft but because the flow rate using a booster pump is much higher than with a 360, this factor might figure into situating the valve

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