Stuck slide valve

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Stuck slide valve

Postby california » Sat 02 Oct, 2010 23:28

From the day I moved in I could not actuate this push valve. It is used to redirect flow for the backwash tank.
My question is do you need to rotate the handle to move the push valve or just yank the thing with super human strength?

DSCF0606a.jpg (70.5 KiB) Viewed 3776 times

Does anyone have any experience with this valve? Any tips to try to free the valve? I know it hasn't been budged in 5 years-at least.

DSCF0608a.jpg (66.33 KiB) Viewed 3779 times


Stuck slide valve

Postby dalehileman » Tue 05 Oct, 2010 16:48

Puzzled Cal as to why no response but I suspect you have to rotate for releasing then again--probably in the other direction--for locking

Stuck slide valve

Postby ddalehileman » Wed 06 Oct, 2010 11:09

On Oct 5, 2010, at 2:52 PM, Dale Hileman wrote:
Might not one of you fellas help this guy

Response by my corespondent Len Glensker:

Here are links to what I think the value is and how it is constructed....looks like a Push / Pull valve...with probably some stuck O-rings. ... n.php?s=51

Cal, hope that proves of some help-

Stuck slide valve

Postby dalehileman » Wed 06 Oct, 2010 11:24

Posted by just-a-pb (My Page) on Tue, Oct 5, 10 at 22:28
You [correspondent dalehileman] have to much time on your hands.
I dont want to sign up to another fourm so you can pass info on if you like.
This is a very old push pull. I doubt seriously if you would be able to move it after so many years but you can try. Just be prepared to replace the insides when you break off the handle.
Looks like a Sta-rite WC212 push pull valve. Though they operate differently now.

I just build them, dont fix them often, so if anybody else has something to offer feel free to chime in.

However cynical and insulting the typical board participant, he often is studied and occasionally even helpful; thus Cal Hope that this to might be of some help too you

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