If you own a Polaris 280...

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If you own a Polaris 280...

Postby dalehileman » Wed 06 Oct, 2010 12:01

...there's a detail of its construction you might help me with

Though surviving about 6 or 7 years of wear and tear I'm considering replacement of my 380 which works pretty well but the bag wears out quickly and costs $33 to replace. However its base comes apart with a little difficulty and one can fashion one's own receptacle for just a few cents

I reveal this at risk of a Polaris representative learning from my username who I am and where I live, then sending in a bomber or arsonist

But I'm considering a 280 which presently is not only half the price of a 380 but which Amazon customers rate better than any of its successors. So I need to know if its base comes apart as with the 380--thanks all

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