just moved in- pool turned green

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just moved in- pool turned green

Postby anyone » Wed 06 Oct, 2010 21:53

Hello- new person here. I live with my daughter and son in law and we just moved in to this house which has a pool. None of us know the first thing about pools- except ya can drown in one lol. Anyway the filter was running 24/7 for a couple weeks- then my son-in-law turned it off. Within a day or two the water turned green. There is a shed nearby with skimmers, etc however it seems the previous owner employed a service to maintain the pool so there is no analyzing device. I cannot report the water analysis so my first question: what brand/model tool should we get? We don't intend to use the pool this season- just 'put it up' for the winter. I'm sure we'll use it next year though. Oh BTW- my daughter and son in law have covered the pool. The cover is a dark green and is constructed like bubble-wrap. Won't being covered encourage algae growth? The filter has been turned on again.

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just moved in- pool turned green

Postby duraleigh » Thu 07 Oct, 2010 07:54

Attempting to close a pool successfully without any prior knowledge may prove a little daunting.

I would suggest you hire someone to close the pool this first time and watch them carefully and ask lots of question and take notes. It will teach you a lot about your pool and prepare you so you can close it next fall.
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just moved in- pool turned green

Postby LarryC » Thu 07 Oct, 2010 08:27

I was mistaken- the pool was closed by a service- the same one which had been maintaining it. And they walked into the back yard and did the job without checking with us first. So we are just as ignorant as ever.

just moved in- pool turned green

Postby dalehileman » Thu 07 Oct, 2010 13:38

I felt just as you do, Any, when 13 years ago upon retirement we moved into a property with pool

I will probably be denounced and drawn across the carpet by this suggestion if not banned from the site forever, but you might try granulated sodium dichlor-s-triazinetrione

Having a 35K-gal pool I used an entire 16-lb jar. You just dump it in

Again I'll be denunciated for this additional suggestion: From your Friendly Bill's Pool and Spa You can buy a very expensive outfit that will measure a dozen different chemical parameters but if you'll replace the water every few years to dispatch accumulations of the bad stuff all you really need is an oto/phenol-red kit for a few bucks

Do doubt others will advise you about the cover, but during the winter we don't use one. We drown more moths and lizards but a cover might discourage you from regularly checking its depths for color and for a larger creature such as dog or cat that might have slipped in at the edge

Bet of luck, Any

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