Mass suicide by moths

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Mass suicide by moths

Postby dalehileman » Wed 13 Oct, 2010 11:17

We don't use a cover during the winter so I can better monitor water conditions, hence drown quite a bit of wildlife, largely insects and a few lizards. But I rationalize that otherwise I might miss something more threatening, as a drowned dog or cat having slipped around its edge

However every few years we experience an irruption of moths and though first thing in the a.m. I attempt a rescue of those still fluttering round before I fire up the pump to collect the rest in the skimmer I still feel guilty

1. Why do they do it

2. Can I assuage my guilt by arguing (a) they must also use lakes and streams in the same way and therefore (b) isn't this an evolutionary phenom to their ultimate advantage perhaps in limiting their numbers

3. In what other ways might one deal with wildlife, for instance a transparent cover though (a) in my lifetime wouldn't it have cost thousands of dollars to replace as with the blue bubble

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Mass suicide by moths

Postby dalehileman » Mon 18 Oct, 2010 11:47

Hello anybody

I herewith invite response by the religious or philosophical community regarding the moral implications
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Mass suicide by moths

Postby swimfit » Tue 05 Apr, 2011 03:09

Well talking in practical terms, anything not suicidal or ferocious may be done to the pool benefit. It is after all not something related to wild hunting or encroachment and the like..

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