Is it OK if my in-ground pool doesn't have a main drain valv

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Is it OK if my in-ground pool doesn't have a main drain valv

Postby savas » Mon 01 Nov, 2010 17:19

Hi pool experts,

I'm a novice and I closed the pool to day for the first time, I used a Husky 20gallon air compressor at 15-25psi connected to the pool pump drain. everything worked fine I plugged all openings, skimmers, jets etc.
now the problem is that the air started to rise out of the main drain, but I couldn;'t find the main drain valve. I heard I am supppsed to close that main drain valve in order to create an air lock.
I don't think the pool has one (in-ground, 50x25ft, about 8ft deep, 25+ years old). I have a red valve at the suction side but whether I opened it or closed it, it didn't make any difference. The air was still blowing out the main drain.

Can I leave it the way it is (open)? I already covered the pool and removed filters and pumps
I think here in Baltimore, MD it wouldn't freeze that deep down anyways, what do you experts think?
thanks a million for your advice!


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