New House, New Pool, Lots of problems & questions!

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New House, New Pool, Lots of problems & questions!

Postby Guest » Tue 02 Nov, 2010 16:31

Hi All,

I have recently bought a new house in staffordshire (UK), which has a 12ft wide by 24ft long oval swimming pool. The pool have a vinyl liner (full of holes and repair patches) & a concrete surround.
There is a small rotten shed, near to the pool, which houses a pump and a atika filter.

The pool is currently mostly empty, with about 6inch of water in the deep end, and full of leaves and junk.

I have had a quick look around the liner, and some of the repairs look like they are still leaking, and really in need of a new liner. I gave part of the liner a brush to remove some leaves but that pulled a couple of old repair patches off at the same time, which were on the floor under the leaves

My questions are, what should I do, as we are approaching winter, and have been told that you should never leave a pool empty. But im worried about the liner leaking if i filled it and causing problems, and also the water freezing in the pipes etc, as i did lift up one of the 'waste' parts which is ground level and full of water

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thank you

I'm new here
I'm new here
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New House, New Pool, Lots of problems & questions!

Postby sydneysbestpool » Tue 07 Dec, 2010 01:49

Yikes, if you were in Australia id suggest visiting sydneys best pool service.
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New House, New Pool, Lots of problems & questions!

Postby dalehileman » Tue 07 Dec, 2010 11:57

Judging from recent reactions in nearby threads you might wish instead to fill it with dirt then plant tomatoes

New House, New Pool, Lots of problems & questions!

Postby accupool727/ » Wed 09 Feb, 2011 00:23

I hear you man. I am an Owner of a swimming pool business here in Florida. You definity need to look into a new liner for that pool. If you fill it now its gonna leak with all those patchs. If u dont have the money to re line you need to fill it with water and either call a leak expert to patch any leaks or do it urself which can be complicated. U need vinyll patchs from your local pool store. Then the fun part is finding the leaks. The pool needs to be filled. Get all that debris out before u fill it and clean with disinfectant. Look around for visable holes to patch or re do the old ones. Then fill with water. Then u need to look for little bubbles while swimming with goggles and inspect the pool an patch away. I recomend calling a leak expert kuz he has all the tools to finding them as far as listening for the leaks. Buy a new liner from a expert. That will solve your problems! Hope i helped an good luck! Accu-Pools of Florida.

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