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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Sand in Pool

Postby JustInTime13 » Mon 19 Jul, 2021 08:16

I have an inground, 16x32 oval pool, Hayward S220T sand filter. About a month after opening it this year; I would wake up to a fine layer of sand throughout the whole pool (the pump runs overnight). I sucked it up using a skimmer sock and so I can confirm that it is sand (gritty texture).

I tried vacuuming to waste a bunch of times and it kept coming back. My next step was to replace the lateral assembly (no visible damage to the old one, but I replaced it anyway) and replaced the sand (#20 Silica). This didn’t solve it so I replaced the key assembly (spider gasket wasn’t in great shape but not terrible). This has helped but still getting small amounts of sand through the return jet.

Not sure where to go from here?? Any suggestions about what I might be missing?

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