Pool White Stain Near Pool Inlet

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 6mtrs x 4.5mtrs Wooden Pool with Liner sunk into decking
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Pool White Stain Near Pool Inlet

Postby Garethuk81 » Wed 28 Apr, 2021 03:36


Have a wooden pool with liner which i have opened recently and have identified a white stain which i am assuming is a chlorine stain.
Pool was shut off as per instructions and the valves for the inlet, outlet, and skimmer>pump were all closed.

It is very much like a chlorine stain and not calcium. Pool has been swept rigorously and it has not improved. The brush of the pool broom however does feel coarse when brushing over the area in question but does not go away.

Chemical balances are correct as per the chemical sticks i use and appear balances (Chlorine, Alkalinity, etc)

I very much think this is a stain from chlorine that must have still come through from the chlorinator despite the valves being closed as it starts directly underneath the inlet and disperses outwards in a v-shape

What options do i have to try and remove the stain (if any).

I shouldnt imagine that you can change a white stain back to the same blue colour of the liner and if not, are you able to repair by adding a layer of liner over the affected area, and if so is there compounds that can be added to stick the liner over the affected area without draining the pool entirely. Or is it a case of living with it or replacing the whole liner :-( ?

Any help appreciated

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