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chlorine-free pool maintenance

Postby ygoulet » Fri 11 Aug, 2006 16:10

I use an ionizer and ozone generator about 12 hours a day with my pool filter. THis is supposed to make my pool almost chemical free, but I find that after about a week or so, the pool gets cloudy and I have a hcek of a time to get it balanced again to get cleared with either a clarifier, ph reducer (acid) or soda ash to raise it. I usually end up having to shock the pool, and then the whole process starts over again. I feel like I'm using more chemicals now than I did when I was using chlorine. The problem is worse now that we're in the rainy season.

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Postby Guest » Sun 13 Aug, 2006 10:30

Get ride of your dumb nature two and use your ozonator. Ozone is better than metal. Those tools don't actually oxodize which is why your pool is cloudy. They help kill bacteria. You still need to shock. If you don't like chlorine use baquacil.
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Postby kamkuda » Wed 06 Sep, 2006 18:17

The ozonator is O3 and is a strong oxidizer but an ineffective sanitizer due to its short half life. The ionizer imparts metals. DIfferent metals do different things, but none are a sanitizer. Use some pucks or chlorine sticks in the skimmer.

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