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Semi Automatic Chlorinator

Postby JohnInCyprus » Tue 26 Sep, 2006 04:54

I'm interested in purchasing a semi automatic chlorinator which uses Liquid Chlorine. HOWEVER we live in an area where our water is hard (435 ppm) and PH level is high - so use lots of acid. I'm a litlle concerned after reading my pool bible that the PH of liquid chlorine is between 13 and 14 and that for every 4 liters of liquid chlorine added you are adding 0.7Kg of salt.

I do not want a salt water generator, hence the reason for opting for the liquid chlorine approach.

Will the PH and salt content of the Liquid Chlorine affect the water hardness ???

Will the salt content be noticeable ???

Would I be best looking at Dichlor Chlorinator.



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