Pool base not right?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool base not right?

Postby NYmomDIYer » Sat 01 May, 2021 12:09

We are installing a 27' above ground pool ourselves. We hired an excavating co to level some of our yard. They also dropped about 5 inches of sand on top. We realized after the fact that the sand is only to support the liner and shouldn't be under the stabilizing rails. But the sand extends out a lot (its a 30' circle). We are worried that even if we put pavers they will still be in top of some sand and will shift. If we remove the sand from the outside it will drop 5 to 6 inches (and to be honest im handy but not great with landscaping stuff. Any thoughts to if pavers recessed into the sand would be okay or if we need to do something major? We are in NY and do get winters.

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