Bestway flowclear pump cutting in & out

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Bestway flowclear 800g pump

Bestway flowclear pump cutting in & out

Postby Mummy_C » Fri 24 Apr, 2020 06:11

I have an 8ft intex above ground 500 gal pool.
I upgraded the pump last year to a Bestway flowclear 800 gallon filter pump. It ran all summer last year no problem and kept the pool perfectly clean. I threw away the last filter when I put it away.
This year I have just set it all up with a brand new filter installed. Everything is in the exact same place as last year but the pump keeps cutting out after running for about 30 seconds, then it cuts back in again after 5 minutes then runs again only for 30 seconds. Nothing on the pump or cables or plug feels hot, none of it is in direct sunlight. The area the pump sits is shady all day. I’ve checked all the tubes and connectors an no blockages.

Any suggestions please ?

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