Built up, now bulging out...

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Built up, now bulging out...

Postby Jennie214 » Thu 18 Jun, 2020 21:01

We've recently had to replace our old 24' pool. Instead of digging down to level, it was built up on a dirt circle to meet the height of our deck. The bottom linked up in a bear perfect circle, and was level. Once the wall was in place, we had to adjust, as the ends didn't meet up, they over lapped by a good 4".

We filled it, and are now seeing some bulging in the wall. Read a bunch of suggestions online that prompted is to adjust the dirt under the problem posts, using a screw driver. Everything seemed to be fine. Except now, we are having issues.

What can we do?

***I have pics, just gotta figure out how to upload them.

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