Replacement for Intex strainer fitting

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Replacement for Intex strainer fitting

Postby daemorok » Fri 19 Jun, 2020 15:37

I have a Coleman pool 22ft x 52in. One of the strainer fittings broke and the other is breaking. I attempted to replace with an Intex part, but they don't fit right and are hard to find anyway.

Here is the intex part ... n-fitting/

Does anyone have another solution for this?
The part is pressed into a nipple on the pool and clamped on the hose on the outside.
The pool has two openings for these, I have a strainer on one and an Intex surface skimmer on the other, so I need the threads the same size ideally.

I have contacted Bestway (makes the pools for Coleman) about parts, but no reply yet.


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