DE leaking replaced everything

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 16' x 32' 18k gallon in ground saltwater, vinyl lined, Hayward salt cell, DE filter, 1 HP pump, 3/4 HP Polaris booster pump

DE leaking replaced everything

Postby bgmac » Thu 29 Apr, 2021 23:13

I am getting DE in the pool. Have a Hayward 6020 filter. Started getting DE settling in the pool about a month ago. So far I have replaced all grids, replaced the top grid manifold, replaced the pipe O-ring that slides into the top manifold. Rebuilt the multi-port valve (all new O-rings and gasket). Liberally applied lube to all seals when installing them. Charged the filter with 7 lbs of DE. I don't think I have a suction side leak because there are no air bubbles in the pump strainer housing after its shut off for hours and no air to purge at the top of the filter when the pump starts.

I don't know what to address at this point. Does anyone have any advice?

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