Filter and manifold replacement?

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Filter and manifold replacement?

Postby LondonLass » Tue 23 Aug, 2011 12:17

Hi all! If anyone could give me a bit of insight into the problem below I would be immensely greatful! I'm American but live in London, UK. Renting my house out back in the States and still use the same pool maintenance company I had when I lived there. We keep in touch via email regarding the account and maintenance needs.

I just received the following email and have no clue what to make of it as I'm not there talking to the pool guy directly to point to the pump and show me the problem. If anyone could put it out there for layman's terms and tell me if the replacement costs involved are a high or right on the money? Thanks so much!

"Out at your property the filters are kicking back ( allowing dirt to return to the pool ) And when they go to backwash your filters the water shoots straight out where the sight glass is. The water is supposed to go down into the sewer. The sight glass is apart of the backwash valve that allows you to see when the water runs clear.

To install new 36 sqft filter grids and a new sight glass it will be $344.30. If a new manifold is needed that would be an additional $91.88."

TSH Tech

Filter and manifold replacement?

Postby TSH Tech » Thu 25 Aug, 2011 02:09

It appears something has broken inside the filter allowing dirt to flow back into the pool. The grids are the physical filtering media, the manifold is what holds all the grids together inside of the filter. If any of those two items tear or crack, it would clearly explain why dirt is flowing back into the pool.

The second item; the "sight glass". This is a little looking window that allows the technician to see if dirty water or if clean water is flowing through when running the cleaning maintenance cycle. This link shows a picture of it on the valve itself. You can see it looks like a little clear glass piece sticking out of the valve. ... 66110.html
This is the actual part; ... 710ma.html

It appears they are wanting to replace ALL of the grids and possibly the manifold if it's broken too. If you are trying to save some money, ask them to take apart the filter and replace only the grids that are torn or broken.

As for the price, $344 for an complete 36 sq ft filter grid-set seems within the range if that price includes labor rate. I live in Northern California, and for example, if my company where to do that job of that sort, I would have charged $318 including labor. I would have also thrown in the sight glass for free as it's only a 5 dollar part at most. Of course, if it's just 1 or 2 grids that were torn creating the problem, the price would be considerably less. Hope this helps

Filter and manifold replacement?

Postby LondonLass » Thu 25 Aug, 2011 04:06

Thanks for the links and description! Very helpful.

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