Can't get quick connect fitting out

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Can't get quick connect fitting out

Postby larbec » Wed 31 Aug, 2011 15:41

I am trying HARD to get a quick connect fitting out that is stripped inside. This is in the side wall of my pool and my Polaris hooks up to it. I tried taking channel locks and it will not turn at all and I am really lost what to do besides drain my pool about 8" and then take out the screws for the entire mount which I really do not want to do unless I have to.

Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to get this out. The center has a BLUE hole in the back of it. I have read it is normally blue or red but do not know what this means.

Thanks for any help!
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TSH Tech

Can't get quick connect fitting out

Postby TSH Tech » Tue 06 Sep, 2011 23:20

Those Polaris connects get permanently stuck from time to time.

The best way to remove those is the drain the pool down so you can get to it in the open air. First, see if you can get a better angle with some Channel-Lock pliers to unscrew it. If that doesn't seem to budge, then you need to rip it out, carefully! Take some sturdy needle-nose pliers and Mini Hacksaw(Stanley 20-807 Mini Hacksaw) and begin to, literally, tear, saw and rip out the connector piece. This is important, You want to tear out only the threaded inner piece, do not destroy the outside piece threads the Polaris connect screws into. So be careful how you rip and pry that Polaris connector out. Once it's completely removed, just screw in the new replacement and you're done!

The Red and Blue hole - Polaris makes water flow regulators for their 280 series pool cleaners. All they are is plastic discs with different sized holes, each color means a different size. The way they install is you put the disc inside the wall connector, then screw in the Polaris connector. To remove them, you just unscrew the Polaris connector. But since yours is jammed permanent, it will only come out once you remove your connector piece. You may or may not have a disc inside there, once you peek inside, you'll know.

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