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oh danny boy

No flow

Postby oh danny boy » Sun 18 Sep, 2011 13:22

just bought a brand new bestway floclear 1500gal/hour sand filter, after following the instruction manual and a youtube video to the letter! i have found it is not working properly. i filled it up with sand making sure that the sand only went into the place it was suposed to. then i back washed the pump as directed this started out fine but the flow just got less and less. i then went to rinse as directed but this resulted in little more than a trickle. as far as i can see the pump is full of water and the inlet valve is submerged. all pipes have correct washers in, the man in the shop said that this was a complicated pump. my last attempt was putting a new filter pump (fully primed) before the sand pump to ensure that there would be sufficent flow to the sand pump. but i still had the same effect

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