Inground filter pump question

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Inground filter pump question

Postby Dougget » Mon 24 Oct, 2011 18:34

New to the forum. Hope you with more pool experience can help me.

Buying a new house that has an inground pool that has been neglected for about a year. Very green and not sure if the pump works.

My question, I really need to get a filter and pump working on the pool while I get the water back in balance and clean it up before it snows (New York). Thinking about picking up a used filter and pump from craigslist to get the job done. Problem is, most used filters are from above ground pools.

Can I use an above ground filter pump on an inground pool in a pinch?


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Inground filter pump question

Postby czechmate » Tue 25 Oct, 2011 11:41

Pool pump and filter is the heart of cleaning system of your pool.
As such, you need both, to have pump sized for adequate flow and filter for total cleaning square footage on it's elements.
Inground pools require higher grade and better design of pump.
You would not put used radiator from Chevy Vega on older Cadillac either. :wink:

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