Pump replacement questions

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 25k gallon pool, free form-oval. raised spa with waterfall (about 2.5'). Hayward Super II 2hp pump. Hayward 72sf DE filter w/ Hayward multi-port valve. gas heater. 2 skimmers, 7 returns, with one being inside spa to run waterfall and turnover spa water.
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Pump replacement questions

Postby Lonestar245 » Thu 10 Nov, 2011 20:34

Pool stats: 25k gallon, with raised spa/waterfall- approx 3' above pool. 2hp Hayward Super II, Hayward 72sf DE filter. 2 Skimmers, 7 returns inc. 1 inside spa. Polaris with booster pump.

My pool originally had a 2hp Aquaflo bronze pump, and 72sf Nautilus DE filter, the other specs were the same. I replaced the aquaflo and filter because the pump did not have enough pressure/flow to allow the spa to turn over if the filter was the least bit dirty, or the polaris was running. It also required a couple of the returns to have restrictors placed in the jets to build enough pressure.

After the "upgrade" to the new pump, filter and heater, I saw a marked improvement in pressure. So much so, I was able to remove the restrictors and still get a nice flow to turn over the spa, and work the water fall. I also noted my filter (same size, type) hit "cleaning pressure" much quicker. Obviously, I was moving a lot more water!

Now here is the issue at hand. I believe the 2hp Hayward Super II was overkill, as it is obviously a more efficient pump than the old aquaflow, and the same HP too. I likely could have scaled back to a 1hp, or 1.5hp Super II based on reading the charts I have pulled up online. And now the pump housing has developed a leak I cant fix with new gaskets, o-rings, impeller seals, etc.... I have tried several times to solve it in the past couple of summers. No luck. The main housing may be warped, or cracked somewhere, and when you look at cost to buy this thing one part at a time, it is obvious its time to replace it.

So, what should I be looking for? I would LOVE to reduce my cost of operation (electricity), but cant afford one of those high dollar variable speed units. I don't think a 2 speed unit will turn over my spa at low speed, so that seems senseless. Unless somebody has a better idea, I think a one speed is the best choice, and I suspect I could downgrade easily to a 1.5hp if I stay with an efficient pump.

That said I have read one mans opinion here that says the Pentair is a much more efficent pump than Hayward- with HP being equal. I cant imagine there are 2¢ difference- the wet parts look virtually the same.


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Pool Enthusiast
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Pump replacement questions

Postby allclearpools » Mon 28 Nov, 2011 17:37

Hayward TriStar is nice pump. I have installed several and have worked on one! That was because it had run hot for too long. The Whisperflo pump is also a great pump. You couldn't go wrong with either one. I really like the TriStar because it has unions for the suction and return side.

As far as your pump size, I go by the filter pressure, how many jets are in the spa, and how far the run of pipe is to the spa and pool. How is your water flow to your spa? Most likely it has only a few jets because it had a Aqua Flo originally. Usually I replace those pumps with a size smaller to compensate for the higher flow rate of the new pump.

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