Pool pump not priming

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool pump not priming

Postby Airproblems » Fri 30 Apr, 2021 18:58

About a week after opening my pool, the pump stopped priming when it turns on. I've tried a bunch of things trying to find an air leak on the suction side above ground. There is very little piping above ground before the pump. I have 1 main drain and 1 skimmer, changing to block either has zero effect, not even a slight sound change. Tried looking for air leaks in the pipes leading into the pump by hosing it down while running, but no change. Checked the pump filter cap and oring, lubricated the oring, checked for cracks in the cap and pump filter area, nothing. Re teflon taped the pump drain plugs and checked/lubricated their orings, ensured they were screwed in tight, no change.

If I run the pump for a minute then turn it off and open the cap, I see occasional bubbles coming from the impeller side, is that normal or does it indicate something?

The piping out of the pump and into the sand filter now has a couple small water leaks that I don't think it did a week ago. My understanding is that an air leak can't come from that side though, or is it possible?

Any thoughts???

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Re: Pool pump not priming

Postby Denniswiseman » Sat 01 May, 2021 02:22

Is this an inground or above ground pool
A leak after the pump won't prevent it from priming
Block off the main drain and returns to see if the water level drops, this will indicate a leak between the skimmer and pump
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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Re: Pool pump not priming

Postby dhilbe » Fri 07 May, 2021 12:10

My pool pump had problems priming. In my case, the holes in the impeller that “pulls” the water were blocked with debris. I took the impeller out and cleared out the holes. Now the pull of water through the pump is very strong and it primes in seconds. Good luck.

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