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Unprecedented Forum growth

Postby Larry » Tue 24 Nov, 2009 04:09

I know you may not see me around the forums often, but I do check in at least twice a day. There is always a ton of administrative, software and moderating work that needs doing to maintain an active, open and spam-free forum like this one. I also have the undaunting task of earning a living to support my lovely wife and two adorable daughters, which pretty much keeps me occupied round the clock in the busy months.

I believe that the Pool Help Forums is the only pool-related discussion site on the internet that values your privacy enough to say, "You can participate without signing up and becoming a member!". :wink: That means an increased anti-spam load for me, but I know how much I hate having to give out my email address when I only want to post one question on a forum I may not frequent often, and so I am happy to do this extra work.

Well, summer has come and gone and thanks to your overwhelming support and interest, the web server took some serious strain and maxed out several times. In an effort to address the issues of server slow-down and capacity, a move to newer, more centralised servers on a bigger host is being planned (and is underway at present).

You should not notice the switchover, except for maybe a speed increase, and we don't anticipate any downtime exceeding an hour or so. Once again this will be planned for the quiet early morning hours so it should happen in your sleep.

This change will be followed by the Pool Forums getting their own new domain :thumbup: which will be announced soon. The forums will still be accessible from the old addresses and everything will still work as it does now. The Pool Help Forums have grown immensely in size and traffic and they have deserved their own domain for a long, long time so this change was inevitable, and is very exciting.

I would like to thank all our regulars and seasonal visitors for your support which makes the Pool Forums the great success they are.

I would also like to extend an invitation to retail pool businesses and service companies to get in touch with me to discuss how the Forums can help you and how you can help our loyal members.

More news coming soon


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