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Tweaking the Pool Forum

Postby Larry » Thu 14 Jan, 2010 03:43

There is still some backend tweaking going on and several minor problems have been dealt with.

Recently solved problems include:
  • the avatars were not showing;
  • the search omitted a large proportion of the database;

On the positive side, our site monitoring service shows site load times of less than half the speed of 2009. Further site and speed enhancements are being implemented to make the Pool Forums here the fastest and most reliable on the web.

Your feedback is always welcome


Splash and Relax
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Tweaking the Pool Forum

Postby Splash and Relax » Wed 10 Feb, 2010 07:27

well I think the load speeds are just fine, infact its much faster then most phpbb forums tend to be. I guess you nice, clear, simple forum design helps a lot with that too, which is always nice to see :)

What was this problem with the search? it all seems to be working fine for me.

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