Hayward H200 heater output not hot

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 33' x 16' in ground vinyl lined with Hayward sand filter, H200 heater, PSV valves, set up for salt operation with an IntelliChlor chlorine converter.

Hayward H200 heater output not hot

Postby DavidS » Sun 25 Apr, 2021 21:13

I am the new owner of an existing in ground salt pool equipped with all Hayward components, including sand filter and H200P1 propane heater. The heater was not working on initial start up, but I eventually isolated the problem to a bad pressure switch, which I changed. The heater now fires right up, but the output PVC does not feel like it is discharging hot, or even warm water. The pool discharge jets show good output through the heater and inline IntelliChlor generator. Not sure what to do next. The top of the heater is definitely hot, and I have no water leaks.

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