Going from a 16x32 IG pool to a 14x28

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Going from a 16x32 IG pool to a 14x28

Postby KyleJames » Thu 10 Jun, 2021 16:29

Hi Guys new member here. We are a family of 5 (mom dad and 3 girls ages 10/8/6) and currently have a 16x32 rectangle pool. At the end of the summer we are moving across town into a larger home but with a smaller backyard. I signed a contract to have a 14x28 built in the yard after the move. Has anyone had to downsize and were you at all disappointed with the results? I am concerned that there will be a noticeable difference and we will feel cramped. We are however having a hot tub installed at the same time at the end of the deep end so I thought that could possibly help offset the size difference.


Does anyone have pictures of a 14x28?



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