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I'm new here
I'm new here
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EasyTouch Setup

Postby abutterworth » Tue 03 Jul, 2007 09:10

I am having my electrician and pool people setup my system this week and I wanted to be clear on how the setup should go before they get here that way I can make sure things are setup the way I want them to be. The EasyTouch system seems new to these guys and I didn’t want to find out later that they set it up in a way that didn’t utilize all of the system features.

For example I suspect you don’t need to hook the heater to the EasyTouch and the heater would work fine on its own controls but it would be a waste of the EasyTouch (especially when I add a remote).

Here is what I have…

Pentair EasyTouch single body with IC20 InteliChlor SWG (520592)
STA-TRITE Dyna-Glas 1hp filter pump
Pentair MiniMax NT heater
2 Pentair underwater lights (look like Amerlite 12v Canadian version) with Sta-Rite\Intermatic PX300 Transformer (300w 120/12v)
Waterfall (manual valve right now but want to add CVA-24T actuator)
Garden lights (to be installed by landscaper this week)

My primary question is regarding the 4 relays (1 filter pump and 3 aux). Will the heater control and pool lights take up these aux or are they separate hookups?

Will the CVA-24 actuator for the waterfall take up one of these aux relays or does that also stay in the Low-voltage compartment?

Given the components above what would I have on the relays.

I hope when I get the remote I can run the temperature, pool and garden lights and the waterfall all from the remote.


pool tech

easy touch relays

Postby pool tech » Sat 04 Aug, 2007 02:51

What you really want is the easy touch 8. So you have 8 relays you can use for,garden lights, pool pump, heater, waterfall pump, booster pump if you get a pool sweep, and still have some leftover for possible additions. Also you should have went for an intelliflow pump from pentair. They are 90% cheaper to run and much quieter.

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