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Postby DMHAND » Tue 13 May, 2008 11:08

We have an oval 18x33 above ground with 15,000 gallons. We use Bromine and are on well water. This is our 3rd season with a pool Through the winter it turned a pond green and we did not cover the pool however we are out in the open with no leaf problems. I run filter 24/7.

Here is what we have done so far:

4/17 ph 8.9 alk 100 hardness 125. We were to add 4C ph down until 7.4. We had to do this 3 times and add 1 1/2 gall on muratic acid to get it there after 2 1/2 days. We added 5lb granule dissolved shock into skimmer. Green gone but milky. Added 20oz of Blue 2000 and added Bromine tablets. The next afternoon we added 4C pool first aid. Pool still milky and can't see down an inch.

4/22 ph 7.2 alk 40 hardness 125 bromine 8. We added 26C alk up, 15C calcium up. Green stuff floating on top. Lowered bromine dial. vacuumed to waste even though can't see bottom. When vacuum stirred around a green cloud would come up.

4/24 ph 7.2 alk 120 hardness 125 bromine 0. Added 2lb shock and did the phosfloc. Ran filter for 2 hrs and off for 3 days, after me going to pool place on Sat after it being off for 18 hrs and was told to keep it off until Mon.

4/26 bromine up to 1.5

4/28 ph 6.8 alk 75 hardness 180 bromine 0. vacuumed to waste again. added bromine to skimmer basket

I'm missing a results sheet but at one point bromine was up to 12. don't know the other readings. shocked it another 2lbs. Ran auto vacuum for several hours.

5/05 ph 7.1 alk 100 hardness 160 bromine 3. Water still robin's egg blue but can't see the bottom, maybe down 1 to 1/2 ft. Was told to add 2C DE powder when pressure blds 10# backwash and do again until clear. Waited three days and pressure never built. Backwashed

5/09 ph 7.3 alk 90 hardness 150 bromine 0. Upped bromine dial. added 6C alk up. Replaced sand in filter. Shock 2lbs.

5/10 Still cloudy

5/11 Added 2C DE pressure went only to 18# from 14# but return wasn't blowing very hard so we backwashed. Can maybe see down 2ft.

5/12 Added 4C pool first aid again.
5/13 No change

What do we do now?? Can you use bleach on bromine pools?? What are the advantages and disadvantes of Bromine vs chlorine. The first year of our pool we were on Blue Elegance last year we changed over to Bromine. If we switched to chlorine would this clear up pool. We are now going on a month of dealing with this and who knows how many 100's of $$'s. Another pool place told me to use Revive, anyone ever heard of this?? Both pool places were amazed that the phlocing did not work, they said they have never heard of it not ever working.
We are at out wits end and don't know what to do now.
Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!!
Thank you!!!


Postby Guest » Tue 13 May, 2008 16:45

I'm not an expert when it comes to bromine but I'll tell you what I know. Bromine is not normally used in outdoor pools because it can't be stablized like chlorine and it is broken down quickly by the sun.

It is normally used for indoor pools and spas.

Switching over to chlorine now will be tough as you used bromine tabs in the pool. Adding chlorine reactivates the bromine ions in the water. Apparently something in the tabs makes it difficult to eliminate the bromine.

Draining the pool is usually what is done to change over to a chlorine pool which can then be stabilized.

Hopefully chemgeek will be by to check my info and give you some advice.

Good luck.
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Postby chem geek » Tue 13 May, 2008 20:44

What you said was correct. Unfortunately, when using bromine tabs, once a bromine pool always a bromine pool. Only a drain and refill will let you convert to chlorine. Otherwise, adding chlorine just reactivates bromide to bromine and you never get rid of the bromine itself (at least not quickly).

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