hurricane katrina pool

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I'm new here
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hurricane katrina pool

Postby jackdrinker » Mon 19 May, 2008 14:10

hey everyone. i purchased a house that has a pool. this pool hasn't been kept up in a long time. the pump and everything is broken. the pool itself is pretty filthy. i want to fix it for this summer. if i were to pump the water out, and clean the surface, would i be able to make this pool swimmable without fixing the pumps? sorry in advance for my ignorance. i just dont have the money at this point in time to invest in my swimming pool. if so, what would be my next stop as for as chemicals are concerned. thanks everyone.



Postby Guest » Mon 19 May, 2008 15:40

Without the pump and filter you won't be able to keep the pool clean and swimmable. Any idea exactly what is wrong with the equipment?

You have to be careful draining a pool. If the water table is high in your area the pool can have major problems when it is emptied.

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