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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: A little indoor pool 16 feet x 10 feet.

Hi There!

Postby Lockhouse » Sun 29 Mar, 2020 08:00


I live in the South of England. We've got a small 16'x10' indoor pool that I'm just starting to refurb. It's one of those jobs that I've put off for ages but now we're all stuck at home I've got no excuse!

The plan is, drain the pool, inspect the sides, take appropriate action, fix\refit the light, fit a new cover and roller (already bought), sort the pump as the pressure gauge is not working etc etc. No structural stuff - just a (hopefully) simple refurb.

Although we've lived here a few years all I've done up until now is check the chemicals - we had the pool repainted a few years ago but it was a poor job and has been peeling slowly ever since - and the bloke broke the gauge on the pump at the same time. I'm pretty handy at DIY but know nothing about pools. Expect lots of questions!

Thanks for listening,


Pool Industry Leader
Pool Industry Leader
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Re: Hi There!

Postby Denniswiseman » Sun 29 Mar, 2020 13:48

Painting isn't worth doing as it will peel as you say
The gauge can be easily replaced just look for one that has the same thread, position and pressure

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